You'll Learn


  • Yoga History & Philosophy: Understand the history of yoga including key ancient yoga texts; The Upanishads,  and The Bhagavad Gita.

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Learn the 8 limbs of yoga including the Niyamas and Yamas and how they relate to yoga ethics today.

  • Yoga Anatomy: Explore anatomy and physiology as well as their practical applications in yoga practice including the spine, muscles and nerves, skeletal and connective tissue, foot, knee, hips, breath and bandhas, shoulders and arms, and the psoas.

  • Understanding Different Styles Of Yoga: Explore the history and foundations of 9 different yoga styles including Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Bhakti, Vinyasa Yoga, Christian yoga and Yin Yoga.

  • Principles of Yoga Alignment: Learn foundations for the feet, hands, spine, knees, shoulders, and core in yoga poses

  • Learn Categories of Asanas: Sequencing and alignment foundations for standing asanas, forward bends, supportive twists, backbends, hand balancing, and inversions.

  • Bandhas of Yoga: Explore the necessary Bandhas of Yoga and how they relate to alignment foundations in yoga.

  • Yoga Asanas: Understanding principles of yoga alignment, advanced study of over 50 yoga poses; including adjustments/modifications for each, things to look out for with students, and how to with videos displaying how to get in and out of each pose.

  • Teaching Cues: Learn how to say different concise and clear teaching cues for over 48 different poses.

  • Injuries & Modifications: Learn injury considerations for each pose and how to offer different modifications for your students.

  • Sanskrit: Understanding basic Sanskrit terms, Sanskrit pose names, and pronunciation for each asana.

  • Yoga Sequencing: Learn how to prepare for your own classes; including creating inspiring class plans, structuring your yoga class safely, and sequencing foundations.

  • Inspiring Class Themes: Discover how to create inspiring class themes and how to weave them into your class sequences.

  • Hands On Adjustments: Understand the relationship between teacher and student in adjustments and explore how to safely offer yoga adjustments and their relationship to body mechanics.

  • Meditation: Explore how to teach 6 meditation techniques, meditation's history in yoga, the anatomy of meditation, and the benefits of meditation.

  • Pranayama: Learn ancient pranayama techniques. Explore how to guide others in different breathing exercises including; 3 Part Breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing, and Ujjayi Breath.

  • Chakra Yoga Therapy: Understand how Chakras work, their energetic associations, how they relate to yoga practice, and how to heal chakras through yoga practice.

  • Kosha's of the body, including integration into your yoga practice and meditation.

  • Class Experience: Explore how to develop your yoga teacher voice for your classe class room set up, and how and when to demo poses.

  • Explore Creative Imagery In Teaching Cues: Learn to create inspiring class sequences by using empowering yoga verbs and teaching cues.

  • Classroom Props: Learn different types of yoga props and how to use them to modify poses for your students.

  • Living A Yoga Lifestyle: Explore ways to take your yoga practice off the mat and bring it into your personal life, creating personal transformational awakening to your higher consciousness.

  • Discovering Your Unique Teaching Style: Learn how to develop your own mission statement and discover your own unique teaching style.

  • Developing Confidence As A Teacher: Learn ways that you can overcome the fear of teaching

  • Learn Qualities Of A Great Yoga Teacher: Learn 20 key qualities of a great yoga teacher and continue to grow in your yoga teacher journey.

  • Yoga Business & Marketing: Learn all the foundations for business and marketing for your yoga business, including finding teaching opportunities, outreach, social media, branding, and marketing.

  • Find Teaching Opportunities: Learn how to market yourself and find teaching opportunities including, your ideal target market, private clients, corporate yoga, workshops, gyms, studios, as well as having a future opportunity to work with us in our Tribal  waterfront eco retreat.

  • Yoga as a Christian: including how Christianity relates to the science of Yoga.

  • Sanskrit Language: including necessary terms and names for leading Yoga classes.

  • Cultivation of Sacred Earth connection and Inner liberation through Self Mastery & Progression on the path of realization  of ENLIGHTENMENT and living a higher consciousness.

        AND MUCH MORE...


When you experience an inspiring teacher, that experience might be the reason for pursing becoming a yoga teacher.  A Great teacher can impact students and in ways most don't think of. What is it that makes that yoga teacher different from all the rest?

Our Teachers are world class Yoga Teachers working from an authentic vision to awaken the world to their higher potential awakened quality.

That universal quality comes through nurturing presence. When we are truly present, we radiate the true essence of  our being. Perhaps what your favorite yoga teacher radiates is wisdom, or perhaps it is strength, humility, joy or pure harmony. It doesn't matter how we qualify these attributes. It resonates with our experience on the mat and leaves us feeling wiser, stronger, more peaceful, more joyful, and more cared for. Often, we may feel that we don't know how to find our own gift of presence, or how to share it with others. But at Yoga BC, we believe that inside of you there is an inner capacity to do just that. One of the mantras of the Yoga BC Teacher Training, is to guide you to unveil your true authentic presence as a unique teacher and Spiriitual Master of your own LIFE. More on that below.

Tribal & Yoga BC's curriculum will offer simple, yet profound, steps to realize that you have an amazing gift to be shared inside of you, and that gift can guide your intuition as a Yoga Teacher! Yoga BC's Yoga Teacher Training should truly inspire you, open your heart, and guide you deeper into your being, as well as well as empower you to reach the world.



These six principles are part of the "Yoga BC Teacher Training Experience" that will assist you to become the yoga teacher you want to be.

  • 1. Teaching Confidence: You will start to practice teaching on the 2nd day, and teach daily throughout the training. We have found that, while it is of importance, gathering information about, or even experiencing, yoga is not enough to learn how to impart the wisdom of this ancient practice. Through teaching, and receiving immediate personal feedback, you will become more confident; confidence allows you to relax and let your gifts come through.

  • 2. Inner Alignment and hands-on-assists: At Tribal Yoga BC, we value hands on assists and working from the spine outward.Creating the safest class in the most supportive way.

  • 3. Shante Ishta / Utilizing the wisdom of your heart: At Tribal Yoga BC you will learn to access wisdom from the heart instead of just from brain memory. Leading a class from your heart happens naturally through presence. This sets the fluctuating mind at ease, and allows the heart shine through your presence, giving your students a unique and personal touch.

  • 4. An open style and a set flow: At Tribal  & Yoga BC, you will learn an open style of Yoga, which allows you to choose what, and how, you want to teach in the future. You will get all the tools you need to create a multi style fun and challenging yoga class. To help you build your confidence as a beginner teacher, one part of the teacher training consists of learning a set flow. That sequence is a tool you can choose to use in for future classes, or expand from as you progress.

  • 5. Authenticity: Developing compassion for yourself.Building confidence through our Self Mastery portion of your training. Integrating growth into everything you do as your Teacher Training progresses.

  • 6. Teach from your Truth: At Tribal  we give you the foundations necessary, but also work to unveil the authentic Teacher found within you. This way you learn to teach from your inner Guru, which you can tap into for the rest of your life. When we learn to teach from our own truth, we truly become a GREAT TEACHER.



Teaching Asana

*Detailed study of all yoga postures including modifications of postures, appropriate use of props & transitions to and from postures as well as contraindications.


*Physical and energetic benefits of postures


*Hands on adjustments and teqniques

*Learning body alignment principles and how to identify


* Class creation: Learn the principles of sequencing and how to create a class theme


* Voice and communicating as a teacher. Learn various styles to give clear, simple instructions with appropriate cues for demonstration


*Teaching to special groups such as, beginners, seniors, kids, etc.


*Student teacher relationship


*Ethics of a yoga teacher

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